artist/art therapist statement

My practice as an art therapist has been built from a person-centered, relational theoretical model. I believe the most successful way to achieve therapeutic goals is by developing trustworthy therapeutic relationships. Taking the time to learn strengths, aspirations, and personal and family history of the individuals I work with is imperative in creating a strong therapeutic alliance. I feel that only once this is established can we accomplish more advantageous goals.

As an artist and art therapist, I continuously strive to recognize the importance in how these practices inform each other. My art practice is meticulous and has been influential in developing a dual identity as an art therapist. I am continuously refining my art process to exemplify my love of color, shape, and intricate detail. My passion for the tedious nature of this process also informs the way I work with clients. The patience and understanding I have developed through my art-making allows me to honor clients I work with similarly through attentiveness and personal expression.

Developing my artist identity has taught me lessons about challenging material boundaries and transformation. As I have witnessed my art evolve, I have also recognized the emotional impact this practice has on my life. Developing a relationship between my emotions and my creativity has allowed my artist identity to flourish while igniting a deeper psychological connection with myself. Self- reflecting through art allows me to connect with clients by providing a personal perspective on the experience prior to expecting clients to engage in similar emotional expression.